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Can We cook Olive Oil  ?
Olive Oil preserves all its food qualities in hot preparations. Its "Smoke Point" is very high (210c) more than the other kinds of oils.
We recommend you to use a cold Olive Oil after cooking a hot meal like a condiment : all the Flavors of Olive Oil will be revealed.
What is the right meaning of "Virgin Olive Oil" ?
This label must be used according to the regulated mentions of Olive Oil Industry :
Olive Oil pressed or extracted with mechanic proceed without any chemical process : This is a pure and natural Fruit Juice, without any additive.
What is the difference between  Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil ?
This is a very controled and regulated rule for Olive Oil : The oleic acidity level (percentage) must be under 1g/100g and  1% maximum peroxide value mequiv 02/kg of 20
Notice that acidity can not be tasted (no taste !) in opposite of "acid taste" like lemon.
Virgin olive oil has a free acidity of not more than 0.8 grams per 100g
The symbols of Olive Tree :
Olive Tree is the perfect symbol of the Mediterranee
Symbol of life and hope, the olive tree is considered eternal 
Symbol of victory, the olive tree is a gift used during Olympic Games in Athena :
a crown made with olive branches and olive oil jar are offered to the winners
Symbol of strength, the olive tree is known for its very compact and heavy wood. In the Odissey Legend, Ulysse terraces the Cyclop with a stake in olive wood...
the olive branch symbolizes peace and reconciliation.