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Tree Care

Olive trees are hardy plants. In addition to the care commonly given to cultivated trees, most olive trees require specialized care to ensure their health and to maintain proper growth patterns
Olive tree Prune and Care
Prune your olive trees properly. Always clip branches at the leaf nodes to encourage fuller growth. If only a single trunk is desired, prune away any growth below the desired branching point. If you wish to cultivate the gnarled appearance of several entwined trunks, stake basal suckers and lower branches to the desired angle and allow them to twist together. Prune upper branches only to train them to grow in the direction and shape desired...
Olive Harvest

The common harvest time begins at the end of October and lasts until end of December.
You can use special combs and nets to harvest. The olives are stored inside plastic crates in order to bring them to the mill
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